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70~1000 mm2 thermal resistant aluminum alloy conductor

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Standard of AAAC Wire: IEC,ASTM,DIN,BS,GB/T etc
Main material: Aluminum alloy
Power transmission: Lower electricity billing
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Cable product introduction

The heat-resistant aluminum alloy conductor is used for wire heat-resistant aluminum alloy round wire and galvanized steel wire and into the. With the rapid development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for electricity increases sharply, transmission line become more and more large capacity, transmission capacity which requires increasing wire. Heat resistant aluminium alloy as a good performance of the special wire, has a good advantage in our transformation, substation construction as well as the general line.

Characteristics (compared with ordinary ACSR cable)

1, the long-term working temperature is 150 ℃, short-time temperature can reach 180 ℃, thus continue to allow the 1.5~1.6 times the carrying capacity for the same specifications ordinary wire.
2, at room temperature, with the same intensity and ordinary aluminium wire, high temperature mechanical strength retention rate can be maintained at more than 90%.
3, both at room temperature or in high temperature, compared with ordinary wire is kept with the same degree of creep properties.
4, the laboratory salt fog test and outdoor exposure test, two no difference.

 The use of occasions

1, especially suitable for large current transformer substation, power plant and other transportation by bus, save the engineering investment.
2, in the city of line reconstruction project, especially in the line corridors narrow area, only need to replace the similar wire cross-section dimension, basically do not need to replace the tower, which can meet the strength and the line of relaxation degree requirements.
3, in the double circuit line, also can load another loop bearing short, easy to a loop repair at the time of the accident and maintenance.
4, in line with the road, heat-resistant aluminum alloy conductor circuit structure is simplified, reducing the number of fittings and spare parts, for the safe operation of the lines are of great benefit.


The heat-resistant aluminum alloy conductor models for NRLH58J,


The cross-sectional area of heat resistant aluminum alloy wire Standard Specification for aluminum alloy wire cross-sectional area and the steel core representation. A unit of area mm2. The heat-resistant aluminum alloy conductor can produce specifications of 35 ~ 800 mm2, steel core heat-resistant aluminum alloy conductor can produce 95 ~ 1440 mm2 specifications.

The implementation of standards

1,The implementation of Q/ZL3-2008 standard with heat-resistant aluminum alloy wire heat-resistant aluminum alloy conductor.
2,Implementation of GB/T 3428-2002 standard for galvanized steel wire heat-resistant aluminum alloy conductor (IEC 60888:1987 standard adopts equivalent).
3, the heat-resistant aluminum alloy conductor products execute Q/ZL 4-2008 standard.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: standard wooden or iron sea worthy drum for ALL Aluminum Alloy thermal resistant aluminum alloy conductor
Delivery Detail: usually 3- 15working days

If you are interested in our products, pls feel free to tell me the diameter or nominal section area or the nick name to me. Then,I will send our best quotation to you.

We also can manufacture many other specifications, if you have interest, welcome your enquiry! Everything we do is trying to make your business more successful.

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