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PVC flexible screen armoured instrument cable

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Insulation Material: 
Conductor Material:  Copper
Jacket: pvc
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※ Large amount of production can be customized upon request.

1.Executive Standard
Q/XYT 17.3-2009 (Chinese standard) Shipboard power, control and instrument loop cables
Part 5: Shipboard instrument cables for rated voltage 0.15/0.25kV
IEC60092-376 150/250V(300V) Control and instrument loop cables.

2.Application Characteristics
(1)   The allowed long-duration maximum working temperature of cable conductor is 90°C.
(2)   The laying temperature of cable shall not be less than 0°C.
(3)   The recommended allowed bending radius shall be:
For Metal braided armoured cable: 6 times value of the outer diameter.
For non-armoured cable with outer diameter exceeding25mm: 6 times value of the outer diameter.
For non-armoured cable with outer diameter below 25 mm: 4 times of the outer

3.Lifting and Storage of Cable
(1)   During conveying, the cable and cable drum shall not be damaged and do not push the cable drum directly from the truck. The cable drum shall not be conveyed or stored flat.
(2)   Please don’t throw the cable drum or cable ring with cable winded from high space. During conveying, the cable drum must be put stable and fixed using suitable method to prevent from mutual collision or falling over.
(3)   Before conveying or rolling the cable drum, it must be fixed and cable whereon must be winded tightly. When rolling, follow the arrowhead on the cable drum or cable winding direction.
(4)   During storage the cable drum, package and label shall be complete, and the end capping shall be tight. Once any defect is found, immediately dispose of it. In the area where the cable is stored, no water log is allowed.

4. Installation and laying of cables
(1) When laying, tension should be uniform to avoid twist of the cable. If the cable is twisted, insulation core may be cracked and twisted which consequently causes accident.
(2) When preparing the cable head, strictly follow state codes regarding power construction to use specialized tools.
(3) When installing, once any mechanical damage of the cable is found, please do conduct relevant checks for the cable to see whether the cable insulation is damaged subject to conditions.
(4) Before the laying, checks shall be conducted according to following requirements:
a) Model: specification and voltage of the cable shall be consistent with the design.
b) The cable exterior shall have no damage and have good insulation, and the cable shall be tested and proven qualified.
c) Length of each cable shall be calculated according to design and actual route, reasonably arrange each tray of cable to reduce cable joints.
d) Cable installation in charged area, should have security arrangements.

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: wooden drums or as customers' requirements
Delivery Detail: Within 2 weeks after confirming the order

Model,Desription and Application

Model Combustion
CHJPF SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator no halogen low smoke flame retardant shipboard instrument
loop cable with thermoplastic sheath
CHJPF80 SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator no halogen low smoke flame retardant copper wire braided
and armoured shipboard instrument loop cable with thermoplastic inner sheath
CHJPF90 SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator no halogen low smoke flame retardant steel wire braided
and armoured shipboard instrument loop cable with thermoplastic inner sheath
CHJPF86 SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator no halogen low smoke flame retardant copper wire braided
and armoured shipboard instrument loop cable with thermoplastic inner sheath and
outer sheath
CHJPF96 SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator no halogen low smoke flame retardant steel wire braided and
armoured shipboard instrument loop cable with thermoplastic inner sheath outer sheath
CHJPJ SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator halogen free low smoke flame retardant shipboard instrument
loop cable with thermosetting sheath
CHJPJ80 SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator no halogen low smoke flame retardant copper wire braided and
armoured shipboard instrument loop cable with thermosetting inner sheath
CHJPJ90 SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator no halogen low smoke flame retardant steel wire braided and
armoured shipboard instrument loop cable with thermosetting inner sheath
CHJPJ85 SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator no halogen low smoke flame retardant copper wire braided and
armoured shipboard instrument loop cable with thermosetting inner sheath and outer sheath
CHJPJ95 SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator no halogen low smoke flame retardant steel wire braided and
armoured shipboard instrument loop cable with thermosetting inner sheath and outher sheath
CHJPFP SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator no halogen low smoke flame retardant copper wire braided and
armoured shipboard instrument loop cable with thermoplastic sheath
CHJPFP86 SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator copper wire braid shielding and no halogen low smoke flame
retardant copper wire braided and armoured shipboard instrument loop cable with
thermoplastic inner sheath and outer sheath
CHJPJP96 SC/NSC Copper core XLPE insulator steel wire braid shielding and no halogen low smoke flame
retardant copper wire braided and armoured shipboard instrument loop cable with
thermoplastic inner sheath and outer sheath

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