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Flat XLPE Insulated Copper Concentric Cable

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Insulation Material:  XLPE
Conductor Material: Copper
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※ Large amount of production can be customized upon request.
Flat XLPE Insulated Copper  Concentric Cable applicaton:
Concentric cable for energy supply are used for industry and distribution boards, power stations, house connecting boxes and street lighting as well as control cable for the transmission of control impulses and test data. Overall, where increased electrical and also mechanical protection are required.
Those cables are installed in open air, in underground, in water, indoors and in cable ducts. The concentric conductor (C) is allowed to use as PE-, PEN-conductor or as shield. due to the typical construction of concentric conductors it is possible to obtain many more cable joints, without cutting any conductor. In that way the operating reliability is guaranteed.
Flat XLPE Insulated Copper  Concentric Cable Structure:
1.Solid or stranded aluminium or copper or 8000 Aluminum Alloy
2.Insulation with XLPE or PE or PVC
3.For two conductor cable, it is applied a helical mesh of copper wires over the central conductor,
4.For three or four conductors cable , parallel conductor or stranded conductor
5.PVC filler
6.Helical mesh of copper or 8000 Aluminum Alloy wires
7. Wrapping tape
8.Black color jacket of PE or PVC
Flat XLPE Insulated Copper  Concentric Cable Parameter:
Bipolar  AWG Phase Conductor XLPE (mm) Neutral conductor UV-PVC (mm)
No. Dia. Thick No. Dia. Thick
12 7 0.78 1.14 39 0.321 1.14
10 7 0.98 1.14 25 0.511 1.14
8 7 1.23 1.14 25 0.643 1.14
6 7 1.55 1.14 25 0.813 1.14
4 7 1.96 1.14 27 1.02 1.14
Tripolar 8 7 1.23 1.14 65 0.45 1.14
6 7 1.55 1.14 65 0.511 1.52
4 7 1.96 1.14 65 0.643 1.52
2 7 2.47 1.14 65 0.823 1.52

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