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Interlocked Armored Aluminum Alloy PVC Sheathed MC Power Cable

This cable is suitable for power transmission and distribution line with voltage rated at 35kV and below. For indoor and outdoor use. It can be buried direct or in underground ducts,in conduits. can be installed vertically.
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※ Large amount of production can be customized upon request.
Aluminum Alloy Cable
Rated Voltage
0.6/1 8.7/10,  8.7/15 26/35
Nominal Cross Section
Cores No.

Nominal Cross Section

Cores No

Nominal Cross Section

Cores No
YJHLV 10~500


 3+1   3+2  4+1

25~400 1,3 50~400 1,3
YJHLV22 10~500 1,3,4,5
3+1  3+2  4+1
25~400 1,3 50~400 1,3
YJHL8 10~400 1,3,4,5
3+1   3+2  4+1
25~400 1,3 50~400 1,3
YJHLV8 10~400 1,3,4,5
3+1   3+2   4+1
25~400 1,3 50~400 1,3
YJHLV82 10~400 1,3,4,5
3+1   3+2   4+1
25~400 1,3 50~400 1

Conductor: Aluminum Alloy
Insulation: The cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)
Amour: Interlocked Aluminum Tape Armored 
Wrape Tape :Non-woven fabric
Outer sheath: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Black colour
1.Conductor: Circularcompacted aluninum alloy,creep resistance,high flexibility,strong extension, 
Low rebound and stable connection.
2.Insulation: High temperature resistant, anti combustion, anti-aging, durable and low carbon environmental protection.
3.Armored layer: Special form of self-locking, strong toughness.
4.Price: Achievethe same electrical properties,the price of Aluminum alloy cable is 15% --30% lower than traditional copper cable.
5.Weight:Under the same cross-section, the weight of aluminum alloy conductor cable is 50% of copper conductor cable kilometers.

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