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6mm2 SWA cable

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Conductor Material: Cu/AL
Type: 11/33 kv
Insulation: XLPE (Cross linked polyethylene)
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6mm2 SWA cable just commonly be called as 6mm2 steel wire armoured cable, is an industry standard Armoured Cable size and a hard-wearing power cable designed for the supply of mains electricity. It is one of a number of armoured electrical cables – which include 11kV Cable and 33kV Cable – and is found in underground systems, power networks and cable ducting.

The typical construction of an SWA cable can be broken down as follow table

Size 6mm2
Conductor consists of plain stranded copper (cables are classified to indicate the degree of flexibility. Class
2 refers to rigid stranded copper conductors as stipulated by British Standard BS EN 60228:2005
Insulation Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) is used in a number of power cables because it has good 
water resistance and excellent electrical properties. Insulation in cables ensures that conductors
and other metal substances do not come into contact with each other.
Bedding Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bedding is used to provide a protective boundary between inner and 
outer layers of the cable.
Armour Steel wire armour provides mechanical protection, which means the cable can withstand
higher stresses, be buried directly and used in external or underground projects. The armouring
is normally connected to earth and can sometimes be used as the circuit protective conductor 
("earth wire") for the equipment supplied by cable.
Sheath a black PVC sheath holds all components of the cable together and provides additional
protection from external stresses.

6mm2 SWA cable production process

6mm2 SWA cable production process

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: wooden drum or steel wooden drum or as your special requirement
Delivery Detail: within one week for one container  

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SWA cable can be referred to more generally as mains cable, armoured cable, power cable and booklet armoured cable. The name power cable, however, applies to a wide range of cables including 6381Y, NYCY, NYY-J and 6491X Cable.

The use of the armour as the means of providing earthing to the equipment supplied by the cable (a function technically known as the circuit protective conductor or CPC) is a matter of debate within the electrical installation industry. It is sometimes the case that an additional core within the cable is specified as the CPC (for instance, instead of using a two core cable for line and neutral and the armouring as the CPC, a three core cable is used) or an external earth wire is run alongside the cable to serve as the CPC. Primary concerns are the relative conductivity of the armouring compared to the cores (which reduces as the cable size increases) and reliability issues. Recent articles by authoritative sources have analysed the practice in detail and concluded that, for the majority of situations, the armouring is adequate to serve as the CPC under UK wiring regulations.

It is a great quality and reliable product that is useful for home installations such as powered buildings in gardens as well as some Industrial Applications. Please check with an electrician to find out what size Armoured Cable you require, be it 3 Core 4mm Armoured Cable or any of the other sizes that are available through this page.

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